When is the football going to start ?

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Ok. I went to the World Cup – and I quite enjoyed it – but as with all World Cups it was more of a surrealistic global party than really about the games.

Now that it’s over we’re having to tease ourselves with Intertoto games, meaningless friendly games in Tokyo and South Africa, and the odd testimonial match as well. It’s just not real football.

Speaking of testimonials, it was good to see Dennis Bergkamp get the send off that he deserved with 54,000 Gooners and Dutchmen turning up to thank a World Class player for his efforts in bringing the beautiful game to England and Highbury in particular. Thanks for the memories Den !!

But when it’s all said and done … it’s still not enough.

I want my club football back.
I want to agonise about another re-building year for Arsenal.
I want to gnash my as Chelsea win again
I want to LAUGH as Jose Mourinho shows his lack of class
I want to see if Spurs can compete in Europe AND in the league.
I want to see Rooney and Ronaldo trade punches on the pitch …

Basically … I just want my football back !!! Don’t you?

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July 24th, 2006
at 12:09 am

OH – I also want to see how Italy handles the SERIE A without Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina.

and I want to see if REAL MADRID can finally win a trophy again (now that they’ve bought a pair oif defenders from Juventus).

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