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Australian Open Betting – Favorites Still Cruising

It’s a busy time in the sporting world right now and the Australian Open just isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

Behind the Super Bowl odds and NFL picks, the NBA, NHL and college basketball, not much attention trickles down to the first Grand Slam of the tennis season Down Under.

Here’s a recap of what’s happened so far:

Men’s Recap :
It’s been pretty much the status quo on the men’s side as many of the top seeds are cruising along.

Roger Federer, the top seed, had a bit of a scare in the opening round against Igor Andreev but he managed to hang on. He was one point away from being down two sets to one, but he bounced back and has been fine since.

The only other top seed that has had noticeable trouble was U.S. Open winner Juan Martin Del Potro. Del Potro was taken to extremes in a five set battle with James Blake, which required a 10-8 effort in the third set to get the job done.

Aside from that, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Nikolay Davydenko have been cruising right along.

Women’s Recap :
Not many people need expert betting tips to know that the women’s side is more volatile than the men’s and we have seen that so far.

On Thursday, Kim Clijsters, who was one of the tournament favorites, was ousted. The U.S. Open winner was considered to be a serious contender for this Slam as well but No. 19 seed Nadia Petrova took her out very quickly.

Speaking of being ousted quickly, Russian star Maria Sharapova was also escorted out early once again in a Grand Slam. Last year, she had the shoulder to blame and she battled through the injury all season long. Now she has nothing to blame except for her poor form, which cost her in the first round.

Former French Open winner Ana Ivanovic also lost in the second round, adding to her string of disappointing exits since her big win.

Title Picks :
Overall, the pick on the men’s side is Rafael Nadal as he seems to own the men’s side when he’s healthy now and on the women’s side, Serena Williams is the selection. Until shown otherwise, she has to be the pick. Justine Henin has also played well but Serena is very dominant in Australia.

Sports Betting Picks : Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams

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NFL Betting – Colts Will Breeze To Super Bowl

New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts
NFC Championship Game
Sunday, 24th January 2010- Kickoff 3pm
Bookmaker Odds : Colts -7.5 

The Super Bowl line still has the Indianapolis Colts favored after two rounds of the playoffs and there is little reason to believe that it will change the rest of the way.

A lot of people are wondering if the Colts should have taken care of business – in other words, disposed of the New York Jets – when they had the chance back in Week 15 but the reality is that the Jets did the Colts a favor.

The Colts don’t have to face the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Championship and thanks to the Baltimore Ravens, they don’t have to face the New England Patriots either. Those have been the two toughest teams for the Colts. This game should be easier.

Last Week
The Colts were big favorites over the Baltimore Ravens and they took care of business rather easily. The Ravens brought their running game to town and left with it and their tail between their legs. Baltimore was extremely sloppy with the football, turning it over a few times and the end result was a 20-3 Colts win.

Meanwhile, the Jets were the biggest underdog on the board last week in San Diego and they were particularly impressive. For a second straight week, the Jets ran all over an opponent and played good defense. They won 17-14 but they really won on the strength of three Nate Kaeding missed field goals. In a three-point game, it’s hard to argue that the Jets didn’t get lucky.

This Week
The NFL odds don’t favor the Jets this week and for a third week in a row, they are an underdog. They upset the Cincinnati Bengals, then the San Diego Chargers, but doing the same to the No. 1 seed in the AFC will be their toughest test. For starters, the Jets are on the road for the third straight week and that’s always difficult. Fatigue tends to creep in when teams are forced to travel around so much.

The Colts have to do one thing to win this game: stop the Jets running attack. When teams are typically this one dimensional, they end up losing at these points in the season.

With Peyton Manning, a lethal passing game and an underrated defense, the Colts will be too much for the Jets.

NFL Pick : Take the INDIANAPOLIS Colts -7.5 to win and cover 

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NFC Divisonal Playoffs – Arizona @ New Orleans

NFL Betting – Cardinals Experience Will Factor Again

Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints
NFC Divisonal Playoffs
Bookmaker Line : Saints -7
NFL Betting Total : 56.5

The Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints are expected to be in quite the shootout this week. As you can tell, the sports betting odds makers have set the odds for the over/under at 56.5, which gives you an idea of what type of style they believe this game will be.

The Cardinals and their first-round opponent, the Green Bay Packers, combined for 96 points in the Wild Card weekend, and the Saints are quite the high-scoring outfit themselves, so there is little reason to believe that this game won’t be as high-scoring.

From the Cardinals perspective, they better hope their defense finds some answers in the week between games. They allowed 500+ yards to the Packers and gave up 45 points at home, which isn’t even the biggest concern. The Cardinals had a 17-0 lead early in the second quarter, then also led 31-10 in the third quarter and led 38-24 entering the fourth quarter.

Even with such huge leads, the Cardinals still couldn’t hold on and allowed the Packers all the way back.

The Cards have had some trouble with big leads a few times down the stretch of the season. They allowed the Detroit Lions to come up off the mat after a 17-0 lead and then allowed the St. Louis Rams to hang around the following week as well.

Considering they are going up against Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey this week, they better figure out their deficiencies really quickly.

If the Packers exposed one thing last week it’s that the Cardinals simply don’t have much depth in the secondary. They are good in run defense but against teams who line up with multiple receiving weapons, they are going to have problems.

Inconveniently, the Saints have that many weapons.

The experience edge will definitely be on the Cardinals side as their team went to the Super Bowl last year but don’t forget that this Saints team has also been to the NFC Championship a few years back. Drew Brees and Sean Payton were on that team, so they’ll be familiar with the playoff atmosphere.

This game will be close but a bye week should be the difference. The Saints will be just a bit crisper in this game.

NFL Betting Pick : Saints -7

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NFL Betting – Packers Favored On The Road

The NFL betting line has the Green Bay Packers as a road favorite on the road in Arizona this weekend, which may come as a surprise to the naked eye. After all, it was the Cardinals that won the NFC last year and returned stronger this year. And after all, they have the experienced Kurt Warner running the show versus Aaron Rodgers, who will be starting his first NFL playoff game.

But the Cardinals are banged up and the Packers simply might be too good for them. Home field advantage will have to be the key if that’s not the case.

Why The Packers Can Win
The Packers have a prolific offense, they come into the game winning seven of their last eight contests, their defense is ranked third in the NFL and they led the league in turnover ratio. Is that enough for you?

What’s even scarier to expert sports handicapping sharps is the fact that the Packers were much better down the stretch of the season. Early on, they struggled to run the ball and protect Rodgers but those leaks were plugged up. The offensive line is playing much better and this team will be tough to beat.

Why The Cardinals Can Win
Because they are still playing at home. Sure, they don’t have the better defense and health is not on their side, but they face similar disparities in the postseason last year and they still managed to come out on top in the NFC.

Kurt Warner has far more playoff experience than Aaron Rodgers and if Warner plays his game and Rodgers is slightly off, that may be all the difference that is needed. Warner to Larry Fitzgerald was a lethal combo in the postseason last year and there is a good chance it will be again.

What Will Happen?
The Cardinals are at home but that won’t be enough. They’ll come out hot after a disheartening effort last week but the Packers have too many advantages in this game to blow it. Experience will be a factor for the first half but talent will be the difference in the end.

The Packers have the better offense since Anquan Boldin is going to be limited, they clearly have the better defense and they are sounder fundamentally. That’s enough to get a big road win in the playoffs.

NFL Pick : Packers -1



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Is the NFL starting to eye the rewards of online gambling ?

The National Football League (NFL) recently announced that it would allow advertising for Las Vegas casinos during the postseason playoff games, including the Super Bowl.

This is a significant change in attitude for an organization that has, in the past, come out harshly against gambling in all forms.  

The NFL is one of the main supporters of the UIGEA (the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, the hotly debated law that seeks to outlaw Internet poker and online casinos in the U.S.). In addition, the NFL is among the organizations that lobby most to ensure online gambling remains prohibited.

This is, of course, after ensuring that there are specific carveouts and exclusions for “fantasy football betting pools” which proliferate online and generate significant prize-money. The NFL promotes online gambling whenever IT gets a slice of the profits!

So perhaps the NFL is noticing the downturn in advertising revenue this season? Perhaps the NFL wants to cash in on the SuperBowl, the biggest advertising event in the United States?

For whatever reason the Associated Press (AP) are reporting that “Under the modified policy, tourist destinations that allow gambling, such as Las Vegas, Reno or Lake Tahoe in Nevada, will now be permitted to advertise during NFL games from Jan. 4, 2010, to Feb. 28, 2010”.

Is this a sign that the NFL is perhaps slowly leveraging itself to reap the profits in the event that online gambling becomes legal in the United States ?

Or is it perhaps just an other act of hypocrisy from one of the United States’ most powerful sporting bodies?

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NFL WildCard Playoff Betting – Eagles, Cowboys Set For Round 3

NFC Wild Card Playoffs
Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

NFL Betting Line : Cowboys -4
NFL Betting Total: 45.5

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Dallas Cowboys for a third time this season as the two teams get set for their first-round playoff matchup this Saturday.

The Eagles are 0-for-2 so far after losing 20-16 at home in Week 9 and lost on the road in Dallas 24-0 in Week 17.

The latter loss was a big one for the Eagles and they know it. The Eagles came into the week holding the No. 2 seed in the NFC after the Minnesota Vikings lost three of their previous four games. With a win, Philadelphia could have secured the No. 2 seed, home-field advantage in the playoffs against any opponent save for New Orleans, and a week off in the first round of the playoffs.

Instead, the Eagles lost to the Cowboys and not only lost their cushy spot in the NFC, they also lost their division title, which dropped them all the way to No. 6. Now the Eagles won’t play at home at all in the playoffs and will not have any time off.

The Eagles also have to go back on the road to Dallas for a second straight week to face a team that has pushed them around twice this year.

Philadelphia’s offensive line has been a mess all season long and the Cowboys have taken advantage. The latest loss for the Eagles was center Jamaal Jackson, who is out for the year, and that’s a problem. The Cowboys defensive line has stuffed the Eagles running game and generated eight sacks in two games. That’s not likely to change this weekend.

The Eagles have lived off the big-plays all year long as they lead the NFL in passing plays of 40 yards or longer, but the Cowboys have even found a way to snuff those out. In two games, sports handicapping experts haven’t seen DeSean Jackson make a noticeable impact.

The Eagles don’t really have any answers right now because the Cowboys are just a bad matchup for them. Unless Tony Romo, who has had a quarterback rating of 100 or better in five of his last six games, comes out and starts coughing up the football, the Cowboys are going to win for a third straight time over the Eagles.

NFL Pick : Cowboys -4


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