Key Betting Terms Explained: Asian Handicap Betting

January 25th, 2007

Don’t be put off by the concept of Asian Handicap betting. If you bet on football you should at least understand all forms of betting available to maximise the earning potential and minimise the risk for each game. Successful betting is also about choosing the best betting style and then the right bookmaker.

I personally like Asian Handicaps because they remove the draw from the equation. This is an important consideration as a quarter of all football games end in draws.

Not all bookies offer Asian Handicaps, and as with all odds, it is well worth shopping around to get the best for Asian Handicaps. I run a stable of bookie accounts accordingly but three are outstanding in this area: MANSION Sports, Pinnacle Sports and Bet365. I recommend them personally – because I use them successfully myself.

Asian Handicaps – A Betting System to Even Up The Game
Asian Handicap is a form of betting where the perceived weaker team (or underdog) is given a number of goals head start. Conversely, the team perceived to be superior (the favourite) is penalised or ‘handicapped’ an equal number of goals in an attempt to make the two teams equal for betting purposes.

The favourite has to overcome the handicap, and will have it taken away from its final score. The handicap for the favourite is preceded by a minus (-). The underdog is given a ‘head-start’, and will have it added to its final score. The handicap for the underdog is preceded by a plus (+).

The wider the gap between the two teams, the greater the number of goals head start is given to the weaker team. If the two teams’ on-field ability is considered to be approximately equal, no handicap is given to either team.

Two types of Asian Handicaps – Single Handicaps & Double Handicaps

SINGLE ASIAN HANDICAP BETS : Example Brazil -1.0 v England +1.0

In this example, England has been given a 1 goal head start over Brazil. This means that all bets on England will win, provided England either win or draw the match. If Brazil wins the match by at least two goals, then all Brazil bets will win and all bets placed on England will be losers. If Brazil wins by exactly one goal with the -1.0 handicap the scores are considered level and all stakes will be returned.

The table below lists the most commonly used Handicaps and the outcome of each:

Asian Handicaps are a great way to bet

DOUBLE ASIAN HANDICAP BETS : Also known as Split or Quarter Ball Handicaps

Double handicaps are used to split a wager into two equal and separate bets – each with the same odds to win, but at a different single handicap. This can result in the following scenarios:

  1. Both bets win, therefore the full win amount is returned.
  2. One bets wins and one bet draws (stake returned). This is commonly referred to as ‘Half Win’.
  3. One bet draws (stake returned) and one bet loses. This is commonly referred to as ‘Half Loss’.
  4. Both bets lose, therefore the full stake amount is lost.

Split Ball Bets

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